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history of venad
hi there,
 this is my attempt to bring you my collection of venad chera coins (ancient kerala coins) from my home land.this site also gives you details about some of the stone inscriptions and sites of historical importance which helped in building venad history and its numismatical wealth.
                                 almost all the informations in these site are based upon the two books.namely,
 1.Thirai cash of venad and travancore
                                                           -MRS.Barbara mears
2.Coins of venad cheras
                                     -MRS.Beena sarasan
 the maps,some of the eye copies,king lists are taken from barbara mears work
                                       I am grateful to my parents and my brother who helped me in all my intrests .
I am thankful to barbara mears for allowing me to publish the maps and eye copie's from her work and to pradeep (my classmate) for the eye copies he drew for me                    

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